[2015] Leo'nna Wright (Outen 4th block): 1st Queen of England... Bloody Mary

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[2015] Leo'nna Wright (Outen 4th block): 1st Queen of England... Bloody Mary

Little Mary was promised by her father to marry Prince Francis at the age of 2 1/2, yet he himself was only 1. Unfortunately, an end to the engagement with the French prince was called for abruptly. King Henry and King Charles agreed to both go to war against France during the Protestant Reformation. Anything they either won was split between both Kings. To seal the deal Mary's 6 year old hand was promised to her 22 year old Spanish cousin Charles V. After awhile, Charles V broke off the engagement because he couldn't wait for Mary.

1st Queen of England... Bloody Mary

Mary Tudor was born on February 18th, 1516 in Greenwich. Since her father was King Henry VIII, she was well-educated. She learned latin, french, spanish, italian, and greek. Also she studied astronomy, natural science, and mathematics. Due to King Henry she even became familiar with Erasmus, More, and Vives. Like the rest of the Tudors she also danced and embroidered. Mary was the eldest out of 3 living children. Mary died on November 25th, 1558 from stomach related illnesses.

Intro toMary Tudor

Mary faced many challenges during her lifespan. In 1533 Mary's title as princess, was taken away from her. She was sent to be a maid of honor to her sister, Elizabeth, in Hatfield. Even though she refused to stop referring to herself as 'princess' it was declared illegitimate in 1534 via the Act of Succession. By the time 1544, she was restored to royal succession by the Parliamentary Act of Succession. In an effort to make Lady Jane Grey queen, Mary aided by Catholic advisors caused Northumberland's plot to collapse. This counter-rebellion put Mary on the throne July, 1553.

Toll's on her life

Mary married Prince Philip II on July 25th, 1554. He was only 26, 11 years younger than Mary. Announcement of her marriage precipitated 3 insurrections. One including Wyatt's Rebbellion. Also a majority of the Council, and of England, opposed their marriage. People saw this to be a threat to Protestants, because both were strong Catholics. Even though Prince Philip II did not love Mary, in that way, he still supported her. Rather than ruling a step below Mary, Philip ruled alongside her.


Life as a Wife

Mary had grown to hate her half-sister, Elizabeth and her mother, Anne Boleyn. Anne had caused the usurping the place of the Queen of England, from her mother Katharine of Aragon. Also Mary was a strong Catholic and Elizabeth was a devoted Protestant. Eventually although, both Mary and Elizabeth were declared illegitimate daughters of the king. Slowly they reconciled, and Elizabeth rode in the place of honor directly behind Mary, as she went to be claimed Queen. Later though, in threat of her sister Mary threatened to confine Elizabeth to the Tower. When she was let out, Elizabeth was placed under strict watch. She was Hatfield when Mary died.

Relationship with Elizabeth

Mary published her translation of Erasmus's Pharaphrase of the Gospel of St. John under her name in 1548. She killed a whopping 238 Protestant 'martyrs' by the end of her reign. She reigned as Queen for 5 years, 1553-1558. Unfortunately, she did not have no heirs to take the throne when she died.


Throughout her life, Mary loved to gamble


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