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Social Studies
American History

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1st Assignment


Social Life







In the 1800s belived it was their Manifest Destiny to move West. Then the 1890 Census Report came out, which basically told Americans that there was no more land Westward to move to. From there Americans moved to Imperialism because they still wanted more land.Importance: This was the start of America becoming the most powerful and influential nation.

In the 19th Century most of the wome in the U.S. were stuck at home or otherwie known as the Cult of Domesticity. But that changed in the 20th century.Women activists worked for the right to vote, and they achived that goal when the 19th Ammendment was passed.Importance: Women could now be freer and more Indepenadant.

In the 1800s a lot of the U.S. was corrupt or Graft. America soon ralized this and started to fix the problem by passing new laws such as Direct Primary and Recall. This was called Progressivism.Direct Primary: election in which citizens themselves voteRecall:when voters can remove elected officials before their term endsImportance: America could now grow economically.

In the 19th Century most of America believed in Fundamentalism or Creationism. Then as the 20th Century began some people started accepting Modernism or evolution. Some teachers started teaching Darwinism, but other people didn't like the idea. The argument got serious and soon became known as the Scopes Trial.Importance: This was the start of a long argument on whether religion or darwinism should be taught in school.

In the 19th Century all Americans were using horse and buggy or some other sort of transportation. Then a major Culture Shift came around with the 20th Century. The car was invented, and people started to travel with cars.Importance: Now people could travel a lor farther in a far shorter time.

In the 1800s there were a lot of monopolies in the U.S. One of the biggest ones was Tammany Hall and their leader was Boss Tweed. Then Teddy Roosevelt was elected president in the 1900s. He worked to break up these monopolies throughout his term, and eventually he did.Importance: When the Monopolies were out of the way Capitalism could take its full effect.


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