1R7 Racial Harmony!

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1R7 Racial Harmony!

Chinese RACIAL+ Malay HARMONY+ Indian :) 1R7+ Eurasian= SINGAPORE

Racial Harmony is the togetherness of all the races in Singapore

Racial Harmony is all about respect

Singapore is a multi-racial country, we should be kind and content as we have this privilege to learn from our other friends of different races.

Uniquely Singapore

If there was no racial harmony, there will be never-ending chaos in Singapore. Because of this, Singapore will not be trusted by other countries and they will not invest in us, thus we will become poorer.

Racial harmony - It means that people of different races get together and be peaceful, and do not fight

Done By:Jared NgKimmi LeeCharlotte WeeFion Lim1R7


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