1B Geography Project , Rivers !

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1B Geography Project , Rivers !

River flow from a higher area to a lower area .

Chapter 8 - Rivers .

Hydrological Cycle. Process:1.Evaporation2.Condensation3.Transpiration4.Precipitation5. Infiltration6. Surface runoff

Distribution of the Earth's Water :- 70% of the Earth is covered with water-Very little water is fresh water , 97% of water is salt water found in seas& oceans , most of the 3% of fresh water is frozen in the North & South Poles-The amount left available for plants and animals is very small.-Water on the Earth is not distributed evenly.

How Rivers Shape the Earth's surface :-Rivers can affect the shape of the Earth's surface and people's lives.-Energy from runnning water erodes parts of the land and adds to it.-Together with the underlying rocks , many landform features are produced.-E.g. valleys , water falls , floodplains , meanders and deltas.

Valleys-Riverflowing in it can cut down (erode) in to the land which it is flowing across.-Heavy rains remove soil on vally sides and carry it into the river.

MeandersMeanders changes shape and location because...- Faster flow at the outer bends leads to erosion of outer bends.- Slower flow on the inner bends result in deposition of sediments.- Meanders grow larger over time.

Deltas Formation of delta . 1. Deposition of sediments at the river mouth as energy is low. 2. Distributaries start to form as the flow gets blocked3. As this process continues a delta with rich fertile soil is built up.

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