19th Century Women Authors

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19th Century Women Authors

19th Century Female Authors

Victorian Life Video - Watch Here!

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Jane Austen

Romanticism saw a shift from faith in reason to faith in the senses, feelings, and imagination; a shift from interest in urban society to an interest in the rural and natural; a shift from public, impersonal poetry to subjective poetry; and from concern with the scientific and mundane to interest in the mysterious and infinite. Mainly they cared about the individual, intuition, and imagination.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “literature” in this way: “written artistic works, especially those with a high and lasting artistic value” ABC-CLIO defines literature as “enduring works of poetry or prose that express ideas and emotions of universal human interest in a form and style embodying excellence. ]Quite simply, literature is a record of a person’s thoughts, feelings or history that is written down to express those thoughts, feelings and historical records so that other humans can learn from it.There are many ways to discuss literature – through genre, time frame or field of authors. Although there are numerous types of literature, some of the major fields or divisions within the topic of literature are: “Biographies, Children’s Books, Humor, Inspirational, Memoir, Prose, Drama, Essays, Literary Criticism, Short Story, Novel, Novella, Poetry." This resource looks at information on female authors from the 19th century.

19th Century British Female Authors

Literature Resources

Victorian Women in Literature

Harriet Beecher Stowe and other 19th Century American Women Authors




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