19th Century Changes

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19th Century Changes

19th Century Changes Module Project

Time Line


Adam Smith


Monroe Doctrine


Founding of Italy


Woman's Suffrage

Cuban Independence

After his dead, 1790. Adam Smith still rightfully regarded as the single most greatest figure in the history of modern economics. his work on the Wealth of Nations took the spirit of industrial capitalism which dominated the thinking of the most influential political economists of the 19th century.

The Monroe Doctine was developed because the U.S and Britain were concerned over the possibility of European colonial expansion in the Americas. The U.S wanted to ensure that no European nation would attempt further colonialization in western hemisphere.

This founding was a political movement 1831 by Giuseppe Mazzini. Atraccting many Italians to the cause of independence. it played and important role in the Risorgimiento. The goal of this movement was to create an united Italian republic.


August 26, the 19th amendment to the Constitution was finally ratified giving freedom to all American Women and declaring for the first time that they like men, deserve all the rights and responsibilites of citizenship.

I began with the unsuccessful Ten Years War and culminated in the U.S intervention that ended the Spanish colonial presence in the Americas. the fight and debates started in 1895 during the years of ''Rewarding Truce'' lasting for 17 years from the end of Ten Years War, there were social changes in Cuba society.


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