19th Amendment

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19th Amendment

- It shows more equality between the men and women of America.- US citizens now 'stood beside' one another, rather than behind the other one.- Help make more moral laws.- It lets women have more of their freedom and independence.- Women's voices became heard.- Women didn't need to neccesarily depend on men.- Women could take over work & household things while men were gone, out in war, or passed away.

About the Suffrage:

1848 - Senecca Falls. First Women's Rights Convention.1887 - First vote on woman suffrage is taken in the Senate & is defeated.1919 - Senate passes 19th amendment & ratification process begins.August 26, 1920 - Three quarters of the state legislatures ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. American Women win full voting rights.

- Over 300 men and women held the first women's rights convention. At this time, 68 women and 32 men signed the declaration of sediments.- The NWSA and the AWSA merge to form the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA).- Colorado is the very first state to adapt the amendment giving women the right to vote.

Lasting Impact:

Women worked for their rights. They took many different stands to try and recieve equal rights like the American men. They petitioned, marched, assembled, and much more. These women deserve their liberty as an American women. The 19th amendment helps to balance equality throughout the people of America. To be equal, we must be treated equal!

Women's Sufferage - 19th Amendment





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