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1984 by George Orwell

Project by James RamsayWeek 27 English 2

1984 is a dystopian fiction novel that was written in England during 1948 and was first published in 1949. The novel is set during 1984 in London, England, now known in the story as "Airstrip One". George Orwell was trying to give the reader a picture of what life would be like if a free country came under the rule of a Totalitarian government. Totalitarianism is where the government controls every aspect of your life, constantly monitoring everything you do and say. All the emotional, physical, and mental energy of the citizens is controlled to be used for the benefit of the government.

The main character in 1984 is a man named Winston Smith. He works for the government but is secretly in opposition of it, despising its oppressive rule and wishing for a rebellion.

There are quite a few different themes in 1984, including Psychological Manipulation and Physical Control. The government in 1984 is working to have complete physical and mental control of its citizens, constantly monitoring and bombarding everyone with a constant stream of propaganda.

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