1984 by George Orwell

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1984 by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell is an extreme and frightening extrapolation of the effects of socialism on a nation that has lost all influence on its government and itself. The novel comments on the extreme fear involved with standing against an unstoppable force in a situation where one has lost all freedom of interaction, expression, and even the ability to think for oneself. It follows the story of two low members of government, Winston Smith and Julia, as they seek freedom and rebellion under the oppression and surveilance of Big Brother.


Excerpt from Refugee Blues by W H AudenThought I heard the thunder rumbling in the sky;It was Hitler over Europe, saying: 'They must die';We were in his mind, my dear, we were in his mind.Saw a poodle in a jacket fastened with a pin,Saw a door opened and a cat let in:But they weren't German Jews, my dear, but they weren't German Jews.Went down the harbour and stood upon the quay,Saw the fish swimming as if they were free:Only ten feet away, my dear, only ten feet away.Walked through a wood, saw the birds in the trees;They had no politicians and sang at their ease:They weren't the human race, my dear, they weren't the human race.Dreamed I saw a building with a thousand floors,A thousand windows and a thousand doors;Not one of them was ours, my dear, not one of them was ours.Stood on a great plain in the falling snow;Ten thousand soldiers marched to and fro:Looking for you and me, my dear, looking for you and me.

The poem to the left relates to the theme that the extreme control of a totalitarian government would possibly lead to the oppression of language, culture, and society to the point of destruction while the world outside continues unaffected and undiscovered.

Another powerful theme in 1984 comments on the power of language which, if limited in means of expression, may be abused as a controlling force by removing the ability to think and interact with any sense of freedom.


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    In fact, for those same leftists, George Orwell's story was really very defining, and many theses from there went into the so-called Democracy Manifesto. That is why this work had a tremendous cultural impact. We should take this into account and its postulates are often relevant today. So I think you should read an interesting article about it https://studydriver.com/1984-compared-to-today/ , I found it here, and it was really interesting the parallels that the author drew here. So be sure to take a look and check it out. Good luck!