1970's Project Bands

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1970's Project Bands

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Bands-Blondie: 1974-The Cars: 1976-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: 1976


The band Blondie was found and started creating music in 1974. The band was oringinally named "The Angel and the Snake", but when a few years passed by their producer thought they should change the name. So they did and they named it Blondie because that's Debbie Harry's (lead singer) nickname. Blondie was consisted of 5 memebers. Those members were Debbie Harry (lead singer), Chris Stein (guitarist), Clem Burke (percussion), Tommy Kessler (guitarist), and Leigh Foxx (bass guitarist). The band is active and still playing music.

The band The Cars began to write and play music in 1976. In 1978, The Cars were named the Best New artist by Rolling Stone and Creem, among others. The Cars was contained with 6 memebers. Those memebers where Todd Rundgren (vocalists), David Robinson (drums), Greg Hawkes (keyboards), Elliot Easton (guitar), Ben Orr (bass,vocals), and Rick Ocasek (vocals, guitar).The band stopped playing in 2010.

Genere:Classic RockMembers:5Still Playing:Yes

Genere:RockMembers:5Still Playing:Yes

The band Tom Petty & and the Heartbreakers staring writing and playing music in 1976. Their music is known for having moody hooks and sing along lyrics. The band consisted of 5 members. Those members where Tom Petty (lead singer), Mike Campbell (bass guitarist), Benmont Tench (piano), Steve Ferrone (drums), and Scot Thurston (harmonica). The band is still singing and on tour today.

Genre: RockMemebers:6Still Playing:No


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