1960's Music

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1960's Music

During 1960s, rock ' roll was the dominant style in the pop music scene. The earliest of the imp rock ' roll groups was Bill Haley. The music itself portrayed a kind of rebellious nature with a loud, yet pounding beat.

During the the 60’s, there was a kind of music which was called soul. It blended rhythm ' blue with popular music. Later a new English group called “The Beatles” dominated the music scene in the US. Explored a wider range of sounds with the elements of folk, music ' have lyrics dealing with war ' racial injustice.

The image of the youthful rebel was projected by Elvis Presley who reigned as the “King” of rock ' roll. His music career began there in 1954. He was the leading icon for rock and roll

Rock and roll played a huge part in music industry. The genre of rock and roll was popular back in the 60s. Examples like Hey Jude, was a song written by the popular English rock band, called, The Beatles. The popular hit song was written by a member of The Beatles, Paul McCarthy, and was their first ever single from the Beatles album, was the longest song ever written amongst the British charts

1960s' Music


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