1960's fashion

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1960's fashion

The model Twiggy was a huge fashion icon at this time. She was the staple girl for the "mod" look that was extremely popular during this time. Shes pictured here wearing an avant garde dress by Bill Gibb (a fashion designer at this time) and a more wearable day-to-day dress.

In the late 1960's fashion made a complete 180. Women were showing more skin than ever before and men had long hair and beards.

Long hair and beards were a hippie staple.

The prominent silhouette at this time was short skirts, mini shift dresses in bright colors, pillbox hats, hip hugger pants, and platform boots.

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Lauren Heard 1B

The Vietnam WarDuring WWII the United States had an extreme sense of unity and patritosim. With the rise of Hippie culture in the 1960's, This patroitism wasn't a given anymore. The country became devided between the people who supported it and those who didn't. The old generation and the new generation. This revolt of the old ways was also reflected in the fashion. Everything from the peace signs, to short skirts, to braless ladies.

"Make love, not war!"

Age of the mini skirt and paisley print

Bikinis became popular after the musical Beach Party came out

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