[2015] MackenzieWells AudreyGeer: 1960's

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Social Studies
American History

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[2015] MackenzieWells AudreyGeer: 1960's

Leaders fought for Civil Rights. Malcom X violently protested for civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr. protested peacefully.

60's FashionIn the 60's girls wore their hair long, so did guys. Men wore long hair in protest because they were supose to wear it short. They wore blue jeans, sandals, fringed jackets, and peace symbols.

Vietnam WarWhen you turn 18 you could be drafted into war. Americans were directly involved from 1964-1973.

President JFK was president for two years before being assassinated in 1963.

John Elway was born in 1960.

Women fought for equal rights and their quality. They held peaceful protests.

By: Audrey Geer and Mackenzie Wells

Overview of the 60's


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