1960's Fashion

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1960's Fashion

1960's Fashion

Changes in men's fashion in the 1960's were just as drastic for men as they were for women, like women, men wore basically the same thing in the early 60s as they did in the 50s, but by 1964, things started to change.

One change in men's fashion in 1964 was, the pants became tighter, and it was smaller as well. Some trending clothes of the 1960s were also scarfs, in the late 60s seeing a man with a scarf was commonplace.

The Pea coat was very popular for men in the mid 60s as well, it also was very popular because of the Beatles. Hair got longer and pants fit tighter.

This is Pierre Cardin, he was a men's fashion designer in the 1960s, and he was a women's fashion designer as well. He made collarless jackets and high boots.

This is Bonnie Cashiin she was a American sportswear designer well known for her collaborations with famous manufacturers, like Coach, she desighed the first line of women's products in 1962.

Men's and women's Fashion designers of the 1960s

This is Ossie Clark, he made a name by dressing celebrities like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and many others. Clarks designs epitomized the 1960s.

Changes in Men's fashion in the 1960sand tranding items

Music From the 1960s


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