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Social Studies
American History

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If a danity chick can open it, then it'll be easy for a strong man.

Women wore the most sharp looking dresses, rarely anything else, everywhere they went.

Rock and roll had a new groovy beat that integrated blacks and whites.

Men would cut work to be greeted fondly by their families in their surburban homes.

I Love Lucy was one of the coolest shows around. It showed a woman in the kitchen and a man at the workplace.

They weren't bringing home as much bread in the 50's as they do today, appliances were cheaper as well.

Before rock n' roll, barn burnerswould swoon for this famous crooner, Frank Sinatra and his mellow beats.

Teens had a blast hanging withfriends and dates at hip diners and ice cream parlors.

As the men came home from the war, marriage rates increased resulting in more births, known as the baby boom.The suburbs were a mass production of identical houses due to conformity, or the need to be the same.Men became the head of the household and held the jobs and women looked over children and the home as these were the typical gender roles.Franchises, such as McDonalds, became popular in the world of consumerism. Because of the red scare, people turned to religion, for the communists were atheistBomb shelters were in homes from the cold war in fear of nuclear warfare.Truman won presidency against all odds in the 1948 election. Atfer the 22nd ammendment was adopted, he could no longer run for another term so Eisenhower won both the 1952 and 1956 elections.

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