1950s rock n roll and film

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1950s rock n roll and film

1950's Rock n' Roll and Film

The 50s decade saw the advent of Rock and Roll. Instead of the ‘old time’ movies their parents liked, they preferred Rock Around the Clock (1956) which featured disc jockey Alan Freed and the group Bill Haley and His Comets - it was the first film entirely dedicated to rock 'n' roll. It was quickly followed by two more similar Don't Knock the Rock (1956) and Rock, Rock, Rock (1956). Both films argued that rock-and-roll was a new, fun, and wholesome type of music. However, the adult generation continued to regard the new youthful generation as delinquents

Bandstand first began as a local program for teens in 1952. By mid-1957, it had became a mainstay for rock group performances. The rock and roll music of the 50s was on display and the rise of the ‘blonde-bombshell’ came along with it. Pin up girls such as Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe perpetuated the image of the talentless, dumb blonde sexpot. Sometimes, to appeal to the new juvenile market, actors were miscast, such as clean-cut crooner Pat Boone in April Love (1957), playing a juvenile delinquent who was sent to his uncle's Kentucky farm for rehabilitation. Another film, that came later in the decade, that also exploited the non-conformist attitudes, was Jack Arnold's exploitative juvenile delinquent film, High School Confidential (1958), featuring drugs ina high school dope ring, lots of 50's slang words and hep-talk, Russ Tamblyn as an undercover cop posing as a student, switchblade fights, drag racesand Jerry Lee Lewis singing the title song in its opening.

Read the following text and answer the questions.Elvis 'The Pelvis' Presley: The King of Rock 'N Roll By far the most popular Rock’n’roller to hit film was Elvis Presley. He appealed to teenagers because their parents didn’t like his ‘provocative’ hip thrusting dance moves. This made him even more popular. Elvis' first record was That's All Right Mama. At the time of his first hit song Heartbreak Hotel, singer Elvis Presley made his first national TV appearance in January 1956 on CBS' Tommy (and Jimmy) Dorsey's Stage Show. He performed Hound Dog on the Milton Berle Show, and for three rock 'n roll performances on the Ed Sullivan Show from September 1956 to January 1957 - his last show was censored by being filmed from the 'waist-up'. He was also featured as an actor in many money-making films after signing his first film deal in 1956. His screen debut was in Paramount's Civil War drama Love Me Tender (1956). Jailhouse Rock (1957) is generally acknowledged as his most famous and popular film, but he also appeared in Loving You (1957) (noted for his first screen kiss) and in director Michael Curtiz' King Creole (1958) as a New Orleans teen rebel (acclaimed as one of his best acting roles) before the decade ended. His induction into the Army in 1958 was a well-publicized event. After his Army stint, he also starred in G.I. Blues (1960), in Don Siegel's western Flaming Star (1960) (with only two songs) as a half-breed youth, in the southern melodrama Wild in the Country (1961), and in other formulaic 60's films (i.e., Blue Hawaii (1961), Kid Galahad (1962), and his biggest box-office hit Viva Las Vegas (1964)).Questions1.Why did Rock’n’Roll become so popular in the 1950’s?2.List 2 Rock’n’Roll films3.What was bandstand and why was it popular?4.What stereotype did the Rock’n’Roll era also develop5.Who was the most popular Rock’n’Roller and why?6.List 3 of his films

Why do you think Elvis appealed to both male and female teens of the 50's?You will watch a clip from an old 1958 Elvis movie BEGIN VIEWING AFTER THE OPENING CREDITS AND WATCH THE FIRST TEN MINUTES. Complete a PMI on the cultural indicators listed below;themes, clothing,values evident,gender roles, clothing, music and the content of lyrics sung.PlusMinusInterestingBe prepared to discuss your observations.

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