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1950's Culture Glogster

Life in the 1950's

Americas TV Family the Cleavers on Leave it to Beaver

teen rock-n-roll hep sensation the Everley Brothers

Drive a paper shaker to a dance in this hot hopped up rocket 1955 Cadillac

1950's Crooner Dean Martin hit the radio and the TV screen with partner Jerry Lewis a clip shown at right

Life In the 50'sWomen of the 50s being mostly stay at home and wore mostly dress the men however always wore semi casual to casual as they worked either in an office or the work force. For children most boys wore semi casual clothes except greaser famed for their jelly roll hair and leather jackets.Most families lived in suburbs close to the big cities not far from their work. When the man of the house would come home he would alwats be greeted by a clean house and warm smile from his wife. Most of these men were veterans of world war II and their children were called baby boomers due to the rise in birth rate. The 50s were times of conformity where almost everyone lived very similar lives in clothes, cars and housing

Below: The 1950s a ,cosumerism America, also paved the way for the modern franchise such as the one shown here McDonalds solld hamburgers for just 15 cents and gave an area for hep teens to have a blastAbove: A News clip on the signing of a Japanese treaty and a update on the ongoing Korean War Showing Gen. MacArthur before being removed by president Truman. Also shows threat of nuclear war causing Americans to see aid in home bomb sheltersLeft: Buddy Holly and the Crickets preform one of thier most radioactive songs that'll be the day said to be inspired by John Waynes saying of the same title.

Marlon Brandon playsJohnny Strabler in The Wild One a moive from 1953 gave the imager to the term greaser



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