1950's compared to today

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1950's compared to today

1950's compared to today

Cars today compared to back then are extremley high-tech. They're smaller as well as more decrative. Cars come in many colors today, back then most were black.TV today is obviously a lot more complex. Tv comes in color compared to back then it being in black and white. TV shows re a lot more different too as humor and other ideas evolved through society.

Casual fashion from the 1950's compared to today can be similar in many ways. Men still wear ties often, but today most men wear them for special occations only. In the pictures we compare button ups are still very popular for women. Pants have became more of a playful thing for people today. Blue jeans were only worn around the house or for work purposes in the 50's. Nowadays there is a huge variety of jeans, and they can be acceptable for a special occation.


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