1950's and 1960's

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1950's and 1960's



The first McDonald’s place was actually a barbecue joint that opened in the 1940’s.The brothers who ran McDonalds actually figured out that almost all of their profits were coming from their hamburgers and they thought everyone would like to eat quickly so they shut down their restaurant for a couple months and reopened and made their “Speedee Service System”.It was a success and by the early 50’s they opened eight successful restaurants.Around 1954 burger king had 11,220 franchise outlets in 61 countries.Dominos wanted to add delivery and that helped them expand more than 8,000 stores in 55 countries.Fast food was invented when people could start to take home their dinners and watch shows on their black and white television.


The 1950's and The 1960's!

The opening of disneyland

Dresses were very popular.

Entertainment was an important thing for people back then. In the 1950's, The first Disneyland opened giving so much fun! In 1957, the first superbowl occured. Also, the first Wal-Mart opened so people could shop for things they needed. Television was also a very important thing to entertainment. So football came to tv and a show called The American BandStand. Then the first James Bond movie came to air and people were very excited. sesame street came to air so little kids could enjoy and learn and have fun!

Fashion was also very important to adults, teenagers, and children. Girls wore petticoats, collars, taffeta and nylon fabric, and big skirts. Boys mostly wore sports wear, slacks, suits, sweaters, and casual wear. Teenagers were very picky about what they wore. Mostly girls. Girls wanted to have the best dress around. It needed to be colorful and very pretty.



There were many sports back then! There was Tennis and Baseball. Also, people liked hula hooping it also became popular for kids because they turned them into plastic rings and people began to spin them around their waist, and they became so popular, that kids started to spin them around there necks and hands and that led to competitions. There was the first Super Bowl in 1957.Football comes to Tv.

Maureen “Little Mo” became the first woman to win the grand slam of tennis.


Music was very popular. there were many great singers to.In the 50’s Elvis Presley became very popular with his music.In the 60’s Rock became more popular with teens and television as an influence like the Ed Sullivan Show and other TV shows. The Beatles were a popular band.


Technology is very very important to have! In the 1950’s the Color Tv and the Remote control was invented. Also, Car seat belts introduced. In the 1960’s,the Laser was invented. Also, First televised presidential debates. Another thing is Velcro was introduced.

This is the first laser that they invented.


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