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Social Studies
American History

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This advertisment is showing how it was generally understood that the woman would be doing the cleaning and she'll be happy vacuuming.

Slang TermsSwanky: Ritzy (fancy, showy)Tube steak: HotdogSlodge: FriendBake Biscuits: to make recordsPassion pit: Drive in movie theatrePanic and a half: a funny jokeFrosted: angryEarth pads: shoes

1954 Doge Firearrow was common amoung the upperclass.

Make Room for Daddy was a 50's television show about a man having little time for his family. This was typical of the 50's because the men had to work and the women were expected to just tay home and care for the children and houses.

Bing Crosby helped to establish the recording industry. He was also a singer and actor.

The prices shown depict the price to see a movie during the 50's. The price then was about 60 cents, the price now is about $10.

Baby Boom: the birth of many children at this one timeSuburbs: Neighborhoods between the cities and rural areas. Middle class Americans often lived here.Gender Roles: The women stayed home, cooking and cleaning and taking care of the children while the men went and worked and made money for his family. Consumerism: people buy goods that stimulates the economyResurgence in Religion: Many people returned to their place of worship after the war (churches, mosques, synagogues).Bomb Shelters: Some Americans made bomb shelters in their homes due to the threat of nuclear warfare from the Soviets and Chinese (Cold War)Truman/ Eisenhower: Truman and Eisenhower were the presidents from 1945-1961, both serving 2 terms in office.Conformity: changing to fit into society (there were very little subcultures during this time due to the need to be like everyone else)

Bill Haley and the Comets

Most women would have worn skirts or dresses, hats to special occasions (also gloves). They would have been modest and not very patterned.

Bill Haley and the Comets was one of the first rock-n-roll groups during the 50's

Face Wash Advertisement

TheSwanky 50's

Harry Truman's State of the Union Address



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