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Social Studies
American History

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1950 glog

The Far Out 50's!

Popular Television Shows (Leave it to Beaver)

Price of Consumer Goods in the 1950s.

Fads and Fashion of the 1950s.

1950s advertisement.

1950s Rock and Roll(Elvis Presley)

Cars of the 1950s.

1950s Crooners(Frank Sinatra)

Important TermsBaby Boom- Any time period marked by a greatly increased birthrate. One of the first occurences took place in the early 1950's. Suburbs- Suburbs were created because of the rapid population growth after WWII. These were rural areas that resembled the perfect lifestyle.Gender Roles- In the 1950s, the men were the ones who brought in the income while the women stayed home and took care of the house and children.Consumerism- Consumerism marked the first time that americans started gaining extra money to be able to spend freely Resurgence in Religion- During the 1950's, a huge rise in religious practice rose. It became a normal part of their weekly routine. Bomb Shelters- Any type of structural shelter that was built, usually underground, in paranoia of a nuclear bombing from the Soviets.Truman/Eisenhower- Truman was presidnt throughout the 1940s and early 1950s. As Truman began to leave the office, Eisenhower replaced Truman and became president throughout the 1950s. Conformity- The act of trying to fit i with everything that is going on in a given society. Conformity played a big role in the 1950s because more people were buying consumer goods and owning suburban houses.

Slang TermsGreaser – Originally used to describe a guy with tons of hair product in his hair, but within a few years it was used to describe a certain group of 1950’s youth. Heat – The 50’s slang word was used to describe police, usually by the younger crowd or the less savory subset of society. Threads – This is a descriptive slang word used in reference to a person’s clothing.



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