[2014] Ashley Hayes: 1940s

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[2014] Ashley Hayes: 1940s

1940 Aushchwitz opens,the battle of Britian,and the Katyn Forest Massacre

1944The ballpoint pens go on sale,Degsination day,and Adolf Hitler escapes assassination attempt

1945Korea is divide into North and South Korea,FDR, the president dies,the first atomic bomb is tested,micowave oven is invented,a plane crashes into the empire state building,slinkiy toys go in stores,the United Nations are found,and Hitler commits suicide

1948Berlin Airlift is used,the state of Israel is found,and the Big Bang Theory is formulated,

1947The Marshall plan begins and Polaroid Cameras are invented

1942Anne Frank, a small girl, goes into hiding,The battle of Midway,Relocation Camps are used,and the Manhattan project begins

1946the Bikini is introduced and Winston Churchill gives his Iron Curtain speech

1941The Jeep and M&M's were invented and Mount Rushmore was completed

The 1940s

1949China beacomes a communist country,the first non-stop flight was accomplished,NATO is established, and Soviet Union creates an Atomic Bomb

1943Italy joins the Allies during WWll, and Warsaw Ghetto uprising begins

Entertainment of the 1940s


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