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Social Studies
American History

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Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd President of the United StatesMarch 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Announces Britain's declaration of war on GermanySeptember 3, 1939

A letter from Albert Einstein to Franklin D. Roosevelt about Germany having Atomic Bombs


Average cost of livingin The United StatesMin. Wage: $.30/hr.Milk(gallon): $.34Bread(loaf): $.08Eggs: $.05Postage Stamp: $.03Gas(gallon): $.19

Adolf HitlerChancellor of Germany

WWII starts after Germany invades Poland onSeptember 1, 1939

5th Grade(5) History. The student understands important issues, events, and individuals in the United States during the 20th and 21st centuries. The student is expected to:(A) analyze various issues and events of the 20th century such as industrialization, urbanization, increased use of oil and gas, the Great Depression, the world wars, the civil rights movement, and military actions;

August 25, 1939Opens in theaters across the U.S.

Paul Muller develops DDT (insecticide used in agriculture)Banned in U.S. in 1972

BatmanFirst Appeared

Billie Holiday"Strange Fruit"About American Racism and Lynching

Marian Anderson sings to more than 75,000 at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday.

Amelia Earhartdeclared legally dead on January 5, 1939

The 1939 New York World's Fair, the second largest American world's fair of all time, had 33 countries participate in it and over 44 million people attend. Visitors were able to look at the future.

NCSS 9Global ConnectionsThis standard discusses the different types of global connections among world societies and regions, as well as global connections that have existed in the past. When analyzing WWII, students can look at a global connection between the U.S. and democratic Britain and France, which started when FDR amended the Neutrality Acts in 1939.

September 21, 1939Roosevelt appears before Congress & asks that the Neutrality Acts be amended to allow military aid to democratic Britain and France.


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