1933 Hitlers Rise to Power: Chase Burchett & Brandon Giles

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1933 Hitlers Rise to Power: Chase Burchett & Brandon Giles

Hitler was an awful ruler but also known as a dictator. He was trying to also eliminate Jews.

Chancellor- The head of the government in some European countries

DATE: JANUARY 30 1933 -1939Adolf Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany

When Hitler became the cancellour of Germany some people lost a lot of their rights but it was mostly Jews. Hitler had a lot of concentration camps built for Jews. Hitler and the Nazis hated Jews. Hitler and his Nazis gained power by political circumstances. Germany was corrupt and needed a leader. They did not want their Goverment to fall.When Hitler took over Germany felt like they were being led.

Hitlers Rise To Power

Concentration camps were camps for only Jews where they were forced to work and eventually killed, or they were killed on spot right when they got there.


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