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What Was Happening In The 1930s Socially?

Sports for African AmericansSports for Africa AmericansDuring the tough time that the country and the world was having the people turned to entertainment as a distraction. Black people were evening starting to be rising stars such as the African American Jesse Owens, and he was the most outstanding athlete of his time. Owens was so good he broke six records in 45 minutes. It was the 100 yards, long jump, 220 yards, 200 metres, and the 200 metres low hurdle. In the 1936 olympics he won four gold metals. Many different African Americans won gold and silver metals. Hitler was so mad that he left the arena, refusing to acknowledge and congratulate any of the people. Which was confusing because Germany still won most of the gold metals.

Cinema- When many people and businesses suffered durind the Great Depression, the movie industry did not. - Eighty-five million people a week crowded movie theaters across America to forget the financial situations.- The movies today are not the same as the movies in the 1930s because the the movies in the 1930s were mostly comedy.- Cinema was a place were people could enter a world of songs, dance, comedy, and adventure.

Art and Society in 1930s- In the 1930s much of the writing and panting of this period expressed the impact of communism, fascism, unemployment.- At that time when people look at the sky they were surprised because of all of the art and amazing things in the sky.

Sports and GamesThe 30's were considered the "golden age of sports". This is the time period when sports popularity grew all over the nation as the depression expanded. Athletes seemed to broke all sort of records. There was also a growth in the number of athletes, and also the number of African American athletes that proved to be stars. A few legends to come out of this time period were Babe Ruth(1895-1948) as shown to the right. Some others players are Jack Dempsey(boxing), Bobby Jones(golf), Jesse Owens(track), and Babe Didrickson(track and golf). During the Great Depression sports began attracting people in creative ways. Sports began to become so popular that sports began to become commercial. One example is broadcasting through the radio. Even though it was free to listen it was not to broadcast which sports made a lot out of.

Music- Jukeboxes were very popular during the depression for listening to music, they created places called "juke joints"- Blues was one of the most popular musical genres of the time with many famous "bluesmen" such as Charley Patton and Blind Lemon Jefferson-Big Bands emerged during the Great Depression and brought a happy and bright responce to the problems created during the depression- They mainly focused on jazz music and made it a more danceable music- There were many excellent African American big bands such as the Duke Ellington Orchestra and the Roseland Ballroom Orchestra

Comic Books- Comic books first apperead in the 1933 and still entertain today- The first comic book to hit the market was "Famous Funnies" which was a book full of popular newspaper strips- "New Fun Comics" was the first comic book printed with brand new material, it was launched in 1935 by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson- In 1939 the comic book industry was forever changed with the creation of Superman who was unlike any other hero created and was created by two teenagers in Cleveland

Electricity and Daily LifeEven though Faraday built the first electric motor in the 19th century it was still a luxury to have. The middle class mostly heated thier home by way of coal and gas or oil lights. In 1931, Charles Parsons' had created the steam turbine that provided the world with vast quantities of electrical power. Electricity became very important for the industrial processes. The ideal home in the 20's was an all electric house, and the advantages were mostly electrical light and heating. In the 30's new houses were wired for electricity and older homes "went electric" if owners could afford the pric. In Britain, the year of 1938 the amount of electricity was seven time greater than greater in 1920.


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