1930s Baseball Project-Michael Veres

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1930s Baseball Project-Michael Veres

The attendance dropped 13% from the 1920s and by 1933 attendance was below 5,000.

Popular Players-Hack Wilson-Hank Greenburg-Jimmie Foxx-The Iron Horse-George Ruth-Al Simmons-Lou Gehrig-Earl Avrill-Charlie Gehringer-Lefty Grove-Dizzy Dean-Carl Hubbell-Babe Ruth-Joe DiMaggioAnd many more of 1930's best

1934 Yankees vs Tigers at Navin Field Radio Broadcast

Sunday Baseball

1930s Baseball

Salaries also dropped;by 1939, the average big leaguer still wasn’t making wages any higher than he was in 1929. But few of the players complained. They had jobs.

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