1930 Time Capsule

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1930 Time Capsule

Joe Dimaggio- Famous Baseball PlayerJessie Owens- Track RunnerJoe Louis- Pro BoxerSeabiscut- Famous Horse (Horse Racing)


July 16,1941- Joe Dimaggio's 56th Hitting Streak 1936- Jessie Owens Enters the Olympics in BerlinJune 6,1937-Joe Louis wins the Heavyweight Title

Pop Culture Thrived.More People during the Great Depression weren't really depressed, actually happy to get away from the crowd of sadness.Baseball became America's Past timeHorse Racing was Popular back in the 1930's

Historical Impact

During Depression Pop Culture really helped get a window to get away from the sadness and depression.

1930 Time Capsule

Famous People

Famous Events

Joe Dimaggio

Joe Dimaggio earns 56th Hitting Streak

Seabiscut was the most famous Race Horse and was in the 1930's

Jessie Owens at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin

Joe Dimaggio is significant becaue he would put on a show for all of the people of America, so they would have a window to get away from the Depresion and he was a person to look up to

Joe Louis wins Heavyweight Title against James Braddock AKA Cinderella Man

Joe Louis


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