1930s History

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1930s History

Black Thursday began on October 24, 1929 and was one of the most devastating stock market crash in the United States. This crash started the beginning of the 10 years known as the Great Depression.

The Great Depression Fact: Before the start of the Great Depression, there were 25,000 banks in the United States. By 1933, almost half of those banks (11,000) had failed.

1930s History

Due to stock market crash, a drastic decline in the world economy resulting in mass unemployment and widespread poverty that lasted from 1929 until 1939 was called The Great Depression. The Great Depression brought a massive amount of crime rate, and many businesses failed. People in the Great Depression had to grow all their food at home because of the shortage of food supplies. They also had to work a lot more because of the great plummet of money value. A lot of people were without cars, food, and paying jobs.

Great Depression

Black Thursday

The government had a relief program that you could sign up for, and they would give you wheat and the purpose of this wheat was to feed the livestock. So, they would crush this wheat so as that it was supposed to not be able to sell or trade, but, gee, you could eat it. You could cook it into cereal and eat it. So, if you can't sell it, eat it. We all wore hand-me-downs. My mother was a good seamstress and made a lot of the clothes. Some of the under-clothes were made out of 100 lb. flour sacks and 100 lb. sugar sacks-if you could imagine that. They were 100 percent cotton and after being laundered a couple times, they made pretty good underwear for mostly the younger boys and girls.

The New Deal

1930s Oral History Stories

The New Deal was the set of federal programs launched by President Franklin D. Roosevelt after taking office in 1933, in response to the calamity of the Great Depression.


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