1930 Great Depression

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1930 Great Depression

I am a women that fits in with everyone else. Poor and just trying to just figure out how to live with my 2 daughters and 1 son. I'm living with 3 kids by myself. It kills me knowing that I need help to just put food on the table. I've been going down to the bread line because that's the only way to get food. One day, out of the blue I realized that getting bread was gonna be harder then usual. Out of no where there was a huge storm of dust. That was the worst thing that had ever happened. The dust bowl happened for such a long time I ended up losing one of my girls...she ended up getting so sick and all the help I tried giving her wasnt enough. In the picture above is me and my two kids. We are trying to live happy, and I try to not be upset or sad for them, but they know how poor we are...My job as a single mom was hard. But that wasn't my only job. I ended up getting a job taking care of my good friends kids because he lost his wife to the flu last summer and he didnt want to get rid of his children because of a promise he made to them. He was a worker for a salami butcher down the street and he'd pay me a quarter a day for taking care of his young ones.


- Great Depression 1930-19401931-Companies cuttting wages1932-12 1/2 mill unemployed1932-FDR Elected1933-Prohibition ends1933-FDR New Deal1933-Assasination attempt of FDR 1934-Dust Bowl1935- Revenue Act1936-New Deal

My thoughts on Hoover was always angersome. I hated him and tons of people did. The votes for Hoover vs. FDR wasnt even close. Thank God FDR won by electorial votes of 472 and Hoover with 59. The people that did vote for Hoover voted for him because they werent poor, they had money and didn't find that Hoover did anything wrong. But for tons of others starving and dying, they knew that FDR would actually make a difference in our depression. I was so thankful that FDR was the president because I was tired eating leftover food that was expired and tasted horrible. Though I knew that things wouldnt change right away, I still knew that things would improve as FDR implemented his New Deal. Eleanor Roosevelt, very strong women that insipired so many. She was afraid of public speaking and when she went up there and spoke her words, she still did it with a strong statement. The qoutes she's said is something that helped everyone. Always giving advice and being sympothetic to peoples struggles but still pushing them to take charge of their own life. If you're not happy about it, doing something about it. The picture to the right is Eleanor with her fellow girls scouts that she encouraged.


Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing everyday that scares you"~it is not fair to ask for other what you are unwilling to do for yourself"


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The Great DepressionBy: Rachel T



Gene Austin~ Crying myself to sleep

The song "Crying myself to sleep" relates to this womens life because she's had the struggle of just being a single mom, tired of doing everything she possibly can for her kids by herself and working day and night because she loves them dearly. Though she never wants to get rid of them, she knows that she can't do it by herself any longer. Thus, she cries herself to sleep every night in hopes of getting her husband back and everything to go back to the way it used to be.


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