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Eliot Ness

Eliot Ness was famous for bringing down the most powerful crimminal in the Chicago underworld, Al Capone. Ness eventually brought him down in 1931 for tax evasion and Al Capone was jailed for 11 years.

Why is this person famous? What did they do to contribute to the world?

Who did not support change?

Eliot Ness was significant to the 1920s because he helped imprison the infamous Al Capone. Ness has also inspired many films, such as "The Untouchables" which was made in 1987 whose main character was Eliot Ness. The movie got positive feedback, and was nominated for the Academy Awards.

Obviously customers of Capone contributed to the growth of his buisness. Capone was also known for paying off police officers and other law-enorcement officials throughout Chicago, so they must have been ok with what Capone was doing.

In 1929, Eliot Ness was assigned the task of bringing down he notorious Al Capone. Ness had been working with the Prohibition Unit for 2 years prior, and Al Capone was known for owning many illegal breweries and safe houses. Capone bootlegged alcohol from Canada and other sources during Prohibition, and Ness was out to stop him.


What effects were intended?



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