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1920s Presentation

The Nifty 20s

By Jacky Tea

The 1920s were a swell time of prosperity and celebration in post- war Canada.

Why was it called the "The Roaring Twenties"This was a time of economic success as stock market prices rose. People were becomingwealthy by buying and selling shares. It was an era where popular culture influenced people greatly . There was dancing, music, movies and radio shows. Sports was also becoming a major thing. Canada had become a world class competitor in sailing with the "Bluenose" schooner.

Invention of the RadioWith the discovery of radio waves, two inventors raced to see who could invent the first working radio. The patent race was beween Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi. In 1895, Marconi was successful in his attempts. The radio went on to become the most popular formof entertainment in the 1920s. People listened to music, news, sports and various shows for amusement. It was also one of many electrical devices now found in the common household of the 20s.

Prototype Radio

1920 Jazz Music

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Music in the 1920s Music was a recreational pastime and a very popular form of entertainment.People enjoyed both listening to and playing music. Many bands had made their debut throught radio shows. Classical and jazz were by far the most prominent genres of the time, along with dance music. The upper class people were usually the ones to induldge in classical music.

Sports In 1920s CanadaSports were rapidly gaining popularity in Canada. Our first televised hockey game announced by Foster Hewitt sparked a long history of hockey night inCanada. Canada also had well renowned athletes such as the national women's basketball team and Lionel Conacher, the all around Canadian athlete. Also we had made an impact in competitive sailing with the Bluenose schooner, one of the fastest racing boats ever built. Sports such as hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and rugby were becoming more widely played.

Crossly Manchester Overland Model 4 Ford Model T

Cars The most popular form of transportation besides the streetcar. Carswere quickly dropping in price as they became easier to produce.Henry Ford's model T was quickly produced on an assembly line,it was cheap to maintain and the price was low. It was the most successful car model in the 20s. Though there were problems suchas brittle axles and engines burning out.

Rum Alley and Bootleggers

Prohibition 1920s - 1930sAlcohol was believed to be the cause of poverty, public drunkeness and domestic violence. Women voted to ban liquor sales in Canada. This was the start of smuggling, bootlegging and selling illegal liquor in Canada. Many people brewed their own to either sell or drink. Others would sneak into "speakeasies" to have a drink. These places were often disguised as other stores to avoid attention from the law.


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