1920's Maeve Willey

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1920's Maeve Willey

Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz)

Why did Harry Houdini become a magician?His family strugled with povery. He became a trapize artist at age nine, and was known as Erich, The Prince of the Air. He changed his name to Harry houdini, after french magician Jean-Euene-Houdin, whom he idolized. At age seventeen, he peformed about twenty magic shows a day in various places. In 1895, Houdini began experimenting with escapology, which he became famous for.

What did Harry Houdini do?At first he toured with a circus, and sometimes did comedy acts with the reaction to his magic was poor. He did the "Hindoo needle trick" He bagan escaping from police handcuffs instead of his own, and it gained great publicity. One of his most famous acts was his milk can escape, where he escaped from a giant milk can filled with water. (see picture on right)

Harry Houdini with his wife Bess.

How did Harry Houdini Die?Houdini often challenged people to punch him in the stomach. He gave the same challenge to some college students in October of 1926, but he didn't clench his stomach in time and caused his apendix to rupture days later during a peformance, and died on October 31, in the hospital.

When Houdini was young, he would go out begging, and then hides the coins in his hair and clothes, and tell his mother, "shake me, I'm magic". She would, and coins came out.

Harry Houdini was significant to the 1920's because he was very famous. He often proved spiritualists wrong by using what he knew for his career. Harry Houdini had a very stereotypical american experiance. He was an immigrant, who started out poor but became famous and successful. He was a one of a kind that outshinded his imposters and competitors, and inspired other to go down the same path as him.

By Maeve Willey



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