1920's Great Depression

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1920's Great Depression

Dorthea LangeIt takes a worried man

Dorothea Lange captures how familys were forced to pack up and leave everything but the bare necessities. Men and women lost their jobs and homes forcing them to live in tent cities.


Hoovervilles-A shantytown built by unemployed and destitute people during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Tim Green was the first born child to a family in Northern California. He went to school up until the summer of 1932. At the age of 16, Tim left home to find a better life.

In the fall of 1932, Tim made his way to Colorado. After 2 weeks of living in Colorado, Tim decided to get back on the train and keep heading west. During this time, Tim met a friend named John Blue. They traveled together and eventually got a job at a bakery in South Dakota. During a late night robbery at the bakery, John Blue was shot and killed over a loaf of bread. Tim then decided to pack up and move to Iowa.

The Not-So-Great Depression

Herbert Hoover:31st President of the United States.

Great Depression: The financial and industrical slump of 1929 and sunsequent years.

FDR:-Believed the Government should provide a safety net for citizens -Feed the hungry -Schools should be funded by Fedreral Government -Government should provide pensions to the old, disabled, and unemployed.

Hoover:-Believed that the Government should give money to businesses-Believed people should help themselves-Pressured businesses to not fire or do pay cuts

Hoover vs. FDR


Dust Bowl: A failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion.

Survival Story



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