1920's golf

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1920's golf

Like many other sports during this time golf was becoming much more popular in the 1920's.Golf was sport for only higher class citixens in the U.S. but that all began to change starting in the 1920's.Superstars in the game of golf began to appear like bobby jones walter hagen and tommy armour.Bobby jones was domitinating the PGA at this time along with walter hagen.The first ever ryder cup was played in massachusetts 1927 U.S. won by a mile.

Fact/ quote

1922-walter hagen is the first american to win the open.1924-USGA legalizes steel shaft golf clubs.1926-Bobby jones wins the open.1927-the first ryder cup is played.

After bobby jones retired he founded and helped design augusta national golf club where the masters golf tournement is held every year.Competitive golf is played mainly on a 5 and a half inch course....the space between your ears. -bobby jones-

Lasting Impact

Some tournements started in 1920's are still played today and, the technology in golf equiptment is still used today.

professional golf in the 1920's



Bobby Jones wins grand slam


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