1920s Flappers

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1920s Flappers

Flappers wanted to break away from “proper” and “lady like” like they were supposed to be. It gave an excuse to treat women less than what they were. Also it stopped them from having the same right as men. Although women just had gained the right to vote, it was only the beginning.

main idea

In the 1920s new women were in progress, the age of Flappers arrived. They wanted to be seen equal as men, beginning a new challenge in society. As a result women first started to gained more rights as time passed.

Expressing the liberation won by earlier feminists.


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1920s flappers



They started wearing shorter skirts, shorter hair . Their style was more boyish


"Women began smoking cigarettes for much the same reason as they bobbed ther hair,shortened their skirts, and painted their lips."


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