1920's fads

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1920's fads

fads have existed for many years, but many belive that they started in th 1920's

fads in the 1920's were signifagant because it paved the way for modern culture with things like yo-yo's people back in the old days were easily entertaied , so the simplw briliance of the yo-yo was enough to keep them busy. people nowadays are kept occupied by electronics which shows how people are always searching for entertainmentpeople nowadays also do unresponable things. i belive this was started in the 1920's by the flagpole siting fad. flagpole sitting was a way to give people a way to express their endurance witch led to plethora of extrereme fittnes competiton.a long time ago, being oveweight meant you could afford to eat well. the 1920's changed all of that.people began holding fitness cometitions, dance marathons, weight lifting, and other competitions. most were ill supervised and extremely dangerous. the 1920's will forever be remembered as the first page in modern fads and culture

for men this was the primary style for when they wernt in a cometition

this man was very important in the creation of the yo yo

jazz afected young people greatly. young people

pople were obsessed with boxing in the 1920's



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