1920s Economy Sample

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American History

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1920s Economy Sample

US History

What economic factors and conditions made the american economy appear prosperous in the 1920s?

The american times of the 1920s where a good times, times of change. Americans started to spend money like crazy. They but money on the stock markets not know what was going to happen next. They started to have full with no limits. Rich people where buying cars spending money with no limits. Because of all these changes they believed life was good after the first world. Everyone had a better jobs less porverty. By 1929 one out of every five american had a car. The total values of goods and serives produced in a nation during a specific period rose by 30%. The stock market were expanting more than ever. Until on Tuesday October 29 1929. When black tuesday happen the stock market Crashes. The stock market dropped in value by about $16 million.

For more Information look at http://www.1920-30.com/business/



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