1920s Best of Times

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1920s Best of Times

The Best Of Times

Joshua Y.

Model T

1920's Credit Card

1920's Refrigerator

Assembly Line

Advertisment for the Model T

Advertising and New Consumer Products:In the 1920's new products made life for everybody so much more convenient. New appliances were made that made everyday life easier. These products were made so much more middle class friendly in their price range. Families were spending more than what they could actually afford. Advertisments made these appliances look so good so everybody wanted them which made people make more of them so they could sell more. To get the consumers attention shops were competing with each other to make the better advertisment. Whoever had the best advertisment made the most profit from sales. This competition between companies became more and more agressive.

Automobile:In the 1920's there was a rapid growth of industrialization. New products were being made to revolutionize the American life. The automobile was one of the first new products that were being used to revolutionize life in America. Henry Ford Made these cars at fast rates for cheap. Because they were made so fast and for cheap they were made affordable to the average middleclass men.

High Quality of Life:In the 1920's many new products were created that made the average day more convenient. A result of these new products there was more leisure time that the middle class had. These new products made everyday chores easier. Also the products that were previously too expensive for the middle class became more affordable to everybody.These products gave the common people a higher quality of life.

Buying on Credit:Many of the middle classmen used a system of credit to buy things. They used ths so they could buy all the appliances available. They would buy it now and pay for it later. Retailers wanted the consumers to buy all of the product so they set up lines of credit so people who didnt have the money to buy it right away could just pay for it later.

Henry Ford and the Assembly Line:During the 1920's many new inventions were being created. One of the greatest products was the Model T made by Henry Ford. Ford also came up with the idea of the assembly line. The assembly line was a fast and cheap way to make the model T's so they became affordable to the average middleclassmen as well as the wealthy. This was a great help to the economy. By 1920 there were over 8 million registrations which is an example of how productive the assembly line was. Without Henry Ford's inventions the economy might not have been as booming as it was.


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