1920s-1930's Blues

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1920s-1930's Blues

Robert Johnson: Considered to be the most influential blues musician of all time. He has been an influence to the most famous of people. Johnson is said to have soul his sould to the Devil In return for his unheard of guitar skills.

The Blues

History The Blues originated in the 19th century by slaves and ex-slaves who sang songs while working in the cotton feilds. From there, the blues grew up on the Mississippi Delta north of New Orleans. The genre stayed small until the 30's and 40's when it moved up to Chicago. It became electrified in the 50's when people like Chuck Berry brought blues and the new Rock n' Roll together for the first time

Big BIll Broonzy:career began in the 1920s when he played country blues to mostly African-American audiences. Copyrighted over 300 songs in his lifetime. He is noted to have brought the Blues to the UK.

1912 - First blues songs published as sheet music.1924 - First folk blues records are made in Richmond, Indiana. These records made by Daddy Stovepipe considered to be most primitive blues on record.1939- First electric guitar comes out; made by Rickenbacker, this guitar was meant for blues influencing dozens of guitars to be made in the future.

Impact:The blues is arguably the most influential and important music of all time. Every 'new' genre has been influenced by the blues in some way shape or form. Blues influenced folk, early rock n' roll, mainstream rock, psychedelic rock, etc. Which lead to some early hip-hip influences which can be linked to modern pop and rap. Yes kids, your music was influenced by the blues. The blues is the only genre that is timeless. New 'rock' can be bad, but blues always lives on due to its simplicity, passionate lyrics and chords

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