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1920 kkk


The kkk started before the 1920's, but became more intense during the year 1920. On of the reasos the clan started was democratics regainged political power in te South. White American citizens felt they needed to "put the ngroe in his place." Cops suppoeted the clan because of the friendly tips they got for keeping thier mout shut. They also felt immigrants were slowly changing the way of American life.

What were the causes of the kkk?

Why is you topic significant to the 1920's?During th 1920's more violence was encouraged from the KKK. It was popular. (Mostly by men) 2million-5million people joined the clan. It destroyed many lifes and created a tention between the different races. After the 1920's The KKK slowly stared to fade away, helping peopl get back to thier every day life.

How did people view the KKK group?

Who did the KKK affect and how?

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Immigrants and colored people (African American's) feared the KKK. Which on the other hand, white American's felt it was th thing to do. (not all but 1/8 people in long island joined the KKK.) In the 1920's the group became more successful than ever. Causing the rate of lyncings, death and burnings to increase. When the group started to slowly fade away after the 20's people felt somewhat safer and got back to life.

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Quotes: "Keep the negro in his place.""Roaring twenties.""The rebirth of the strange society of blood and death.""White pride world wide..."

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The KKK affected everyone no matter the race. But at a certain point in time African American's were targgeted because of the dramatic diffrence in skin tone. They were threatened and lynched. Also colored people had little to no power at all, including not being able to vote. This took place after WW1 during slavery. During the year of 1919 lynchig s increased by far the most. Crosses were burned towns torn apart and ruined. But did you know that churches worked with the KKK the accpeted large donation's/presant's from the clan and approved that people sould be punished. (It was mainly christans in the group)

Hyperlink: Watch this video provided by youtube.com and the history channel at; http://youtu.be/cayCYpxtIyo



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