1901 Immigration restriction act

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1901 Immigration restriction act

1901 Immigration Resrtiction Act

Hypothesis: The 1901 Immigration Restriction Act was a discriminatory policy implemented to make migration to Australia problematic for individuals with an Asian background, as the Australian government and the Australian population wanted the country to be of an only British origin.

The policy was not immplemented to prevent only people with an Asian background, but African Americans aswell. The Australian governments aim was for Australia to consist of only European people not only people of British origin. Any European that had the capacity to pass the dictation test was admitted into Australia. Not all of the Australian population was opposed to the immigration of Asian migrants and a large percentage of young people had highly different views to their parents prejudice beliefs.

'There is no racial equality. There is that basic inequality. These races are, in comparison with white races... unequal and inferior.' Sir Edmund Barton, Prime Minister of Australia, 1901


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