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1850's project

Chinese people in the Gold RushMany Chinese people left their home and families in China to sail to Australia, where they would mine for gold. Because of their large population, people feared that the Chinese people would invade Victioria. Soon, conflicts between the Chinese and English quickly arose, and the Chinese people were usually forced to work in new areas or abandoned sites. In 1857, Buckland River in Victoria was where one of the most brutal conflicts occurred. A gang of about 30- 40 miners drove about 4 Chinese miners away from their camp and either beat them to death or drowned them in the icy waters of Buckland River. The miners also burned around 750 tents and 30 stores. An estimated total of 50,000 euros were stolen from the Chinese community.

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Life conditionsLife conditions on the gold fields were extremely harsh and difficult and required strength and energy to mine for gold. Waterborne diseases like cholera and dysentery affect most of the population, due to poor hygiene. Influenza and common colds could have resulted in pneumonia, so many doctors were required. Most of the miners suffered worse conditions than convicts.

Eureka Rebellion The Eureka Rebellion or Eureka Stockade was the disagreement over the laws in the Gold Rush. Miners were unable to claim the land that they worked for and were risked being relocated in another area. The miners felt that this was unfair and demanded change. When the police invaded the mines in late November, the miners refused to cooperate and burned their license. They threw rocks at the police which resulted in the injury of many miners. On the 30th of November, 1854, five hundred miners met under the Eureka flag and promised to battle against the military and police for their rights to claim the land that they worked for. They also built a stockade and with their leader, Peter Lalor, the miners began to prepare for the main attack. On the 3rd of December, the main invasion occurred between the police and miners. The miner’s well planned attack and defense system still could not help them defend themselves from the police and military. At least twenty two miners died and one quarter of the miners were taken to prison. Only about five to six troopers were killes and although the miners did not win the battle, they still managed to get the changes they wanted.


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