1850's History

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1850's History

1850's History

Eureka Stockade

The Eureka stockade or rebellion occured because the goldfield workers (also known as 'diggers')opposed the government miner's licences.The licences were a simple way for the government to tax the diggers.Between 1851 and 1860, an estimated 300,000 people came to Australian colonies from England and Wales, with another 100,000 from Scotland and 84,000 from Ireland.Gold seekers from Germany, Italy and North America also made the journey to Australia in search of gold.

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William Howitt

William Howitt was born on the 18th of December, 1792. he was a traveller and author. In 1852, William and his two sons travelled to Victoria where they spent two years digging.Although they found little gold, the gained colonial experience.before travelling to victoria, William married Mary Botham. Mary was an English poet. One of her most famous poems was the 'Spider and the fly.'

The Gold RushThe gold rushes of the nineteenth century and the lives of those who worked the goldfields - known as 'diggers' were a huge part in Australia's history.The gold rush was a time in history where everyone went mad about gold.The biggest nugget found during the Gold rush was 'The Welcome Stranger'. The Welcome stranger was measured 61cm by 31cm. It was discovered by prospectors John Deason and Richard Oates at Moliagul.Moliagul is about halfway between Marybourough and St.Arnaud in western victoria.Because the scales of that time coud not handle the weight of the nugget, it had to be broken into three different piles by a blacksmith in order to be weighed. it was 2300 ounces, or 70 kilograms. John and Richard were paid $34,255.64.

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This is a video about Australia's history in the 1850's


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