1850's History

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1850's History

1850's history

Introduction to the 1850'sThe 1850’s was an important time period in the history of Australia and contributed to both Australia’s economy and population. This time period contained many events such as the Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade and the separation of Victoria and New South Wales; as well as many important people like Charles La Trobe and Charles Hotham.

The Gold RushThe Gold Rush was a time period when people went to mine for gold in Victoria. People from all over the world came to Melbourne to seek their fortune. The beginning of the Gold Rush was the 15th of July, 1851. In the times of the Gold Rush, there were strict and harsh rules, and was difficult times to mine for gold with miners risking their lives to mine for their gold.

Children in the Gold Rush Many children ventured to the goldfields with their parents to try and find wealth for their family. Although the gold fields were a dangerous place for children, there was entertainment in the evenings, like someone playing music, or telling them stories by the campfire. There was no room for them to run around for they had a large risk of drowning and their poor immune system led to waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Another danger for children was bushrangers so most parents allowed their children to earn their money by running errands for shop-keepers. Today, at the Penny Weights Flat Cemetery, around 200 children were buried there.


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