1850's - Gold Rush

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1850's - Gold Rush


Gold Rush(1851-1860)

A grain of gold was found near Bathurst, by Edward Hargaves in 1851.He named the area 'Ophir', He reported he's fines to the authorities. Due to this fine he was appointed the 'Commissioner of Land', and was reward with a life pension and $10,000.This discovery was the beginning of Australian's gold rush and started a radical change in the economic and social fabric of the nation.Gold fever hit the nation; Victoria joined the gold rush when a $200 reward was offered to anyone who found gold within 200 miles from Melbourne. Six months after the find in NSW gold was discorded at Ballarat and Bendigo creek.The word of the gold rush reached around the wold; in 1852 370,000 immigrants arrived in Australia. Victoria had more than one third of the world’s gold in the 1850’s , in just two year the state’s population went from 77000 to 540,000.The gold that was shipped out brought a huge boost in business, investment and increased the market for local produce. The economy was expanding and thriving.


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