1850's - Eureka Stockade

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1850's - Eureka Stockade


Eureka Stokade(Eureka Rebellion)

1851-1854 Diggers on the gold fields had grown angry and had threatened to riot if the cost of licenses fees was not reduced. The NSW Governor Fitzroy, reduced the fees by two thirds, but kept the way it collected. Police would go to the gold fields seeking out diggers who had not paid their fees and were brought before magistrates and fined. The fine doubled for each offence thereafter.Ballarat, the tension was rising quickly. Clashes between the miners and authorities became more frequent due to the injustice of the licensing and police corruption.The Ballarat Reform League was formed and leaded by an Irish engineer, Peter Lalor. His fellow rebels were, a Prussian republican, Fredrick Vern; the Italian, Raffaelo Carbon; and the Scottish Chartist, Tom Kenedy.On the 30th of November 1854, 1000 men gathered on the outskirts of Ballarat and unfurled their flag, a white cross and stars on a blue background. They said this oath “We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties” In 1855 the Eureka rebels were put on trial. Juries refused to convict any of them. The royal commission recommended changes to gold field’s administration – end to licence system, introduction of miner’s rights which effectively gave the diggers the vote.


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