1850's - Eureka Stockade

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1850's - Eureka Stockade

Eureka Rebellion The Eureka rebellion was held at Ballarat in 1854. it was the rebellion of the gold miners in Ballarat, the miners objected to the expence of a miners licence, and the taxtation that came with it. As a result of this a battle between the miners and the colonial forces.

1850'seureka rebellion

The battle itself was to take place in a stockade which wasa wooden barrier surrouding an area.The Eureka flag was raised in the middleof the stockade and 120 men took the oathto fight for the miners licence to be dropped.On December the 3rd 1854 the battle began, the miners that took the oath were outnumbered, the battle was over very quickly and about 22 miners died and 5 troopers died.The rebellion paid off, the miners licence was dropped to an annual payment and the taxes were dropped


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