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Why did you create the exibit?

1830-1860 Museum ExibitBy: Historian- Emily Captino

I am creating this museum to show that the North and South are growing farther and farther apart. In addition I thought it would be amusing. With that in mind, take a little walk around the exibit!

The Abolition Movement was on the rise in 1830 and there were some people that really paved the way. These people include, Mr. Douglass and The Grimke Sisters . This movement was so importanat and changed the opinion of so many people.

The Abolitionism Movement was a turning point in America, a defining movement. This movement open peoples eyes to the real problem, slavery. Although the movement was highly criticized, it was highly effective.

The Missouri Compromise was an agreement to seperate the 21 states. The two sides were (red) slavery was allowed and (blue) slavery was banned. This ended up having the effect that most slaves tried to escape to the North for freedom.

Nat Turner's Rebellion was the first ever large slave rebellion. The number of owners killed range from 55-65, making it be the largest amount of slaves that killed owners. This rebellion was led by Nat Turner (hints the name of the rebellion).

With the rise of the movement, came hate and opposition. People were often harmed or even killed because their belief against slavery. Just like every debate, there has to be two sides.

The Nullification Crisis led to a separation of the North and South (just like slavery). The South did not think that tariffs should be in place, whereas the North disagreed. This caused a major commotion and the North and South tension grew until the idea that the two should separate.

The War with Mexico was a fight over land (in the simplist form). Wilmont Proviso was a law that was passed while the war was happening. This law gave the President $2 million to allow him to negociate with Mexico for their territory.

The Compromise of 1850 was a complilation of 5 bills that were passed in September. This "conflict" started when California wanted to become a free state. Thus, causing a disruption in the Missouri Compromise , change needed to happen and that is the Compromise of 1850!

Kansas- Nebraska Act was a the basis of how Kansas and Nebraska. Bleeding Kansas was a string of violent acts that were concerning slavery. These two events connect because they both concern the exapasion of slavery.

When Dred Scott (pictured above) first sued for his freedom in 1847 he had no idea how long it would actually take 10 years. In addition, the out come was not fair, they decided no African- American can ever sue in court. Along with that trial, they decided that federal courts cannot decide if they want slavery or not.

John Brown was a loyal abolitionist who strongly believed that slavery is wrong. He led an revolt that was fought by slaves that were armed.There goal was to prove that slavery was wrong/to make a statement.


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