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1800s vs 1900s




In the beginning of the 1800s the United States was in the east. The United States began to run out of space, so it started to expand west. The term "Manifest Destiny" came into play during this time period because it was the belief that the U.S. was intended by God to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The "Safety Valve" Theory was also important during this time because Americans had the idea that if they wanted a better life they could just move west.

The 1890 Census Report oficially announced that the U.S. had reached the Western Fronier (California and the western most point) and there was no more open land in the west. America was getting big and powerful. The U.S. began to want more land and more resources. Thus the 1900s became an era of Imperialism, the act of taking over other countries. America took over countries such as Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico in the 1900s.

The shift from the 1800s to the 1900s was very important. The westward expansion was totally expanded and the U.S. had a desire for more land. America's switched to Imperialism in order to meets its impulse for more estate. The U.S. had originally criticized European powers for being Imperialists since they believed in freedom and self governing for all. The Imperialism of the U.S. helped the U.S. obtain colonies that helped keep foreign markets open and accesible. These geographic changes greatly shaped and expanded the territory of America.

Social Life

In the 1800s there were many contributers to the social life. Women were under the "Cult of Domesticity" which ment that they were responsible for the house, the children, and the family morals. African Americans were slaves, primarily in the south. In addition, the culture of the U.S. was changing as immigrants from North west Europe arived and contributed to the "Melting Pot." Europeans checked in at Ellis island next to New York. The Melting Pot is a ways of saying that everyone was American, but from different origins.

In the 1900s things changed a lot. Women and African Americans fought for their rights. Women like Alice Paul were imprisoned, went on hunger-strikes, and protested at the White House for their rights. Eventually, the 19th Amendment was passed which gave women the right to vote. Slavery was now illegal and African Americans like Booker T. Washington and WEB Du Bois began to fight for equal rights. Washington used accomidation by taking a patient approach in attempt to gain respect. On the other hand, WEB used agitation and urged blacks to demand all their rights gauranteed by the Constitution immediately. In addition, the "Melting Pot" was being mixed with new immigrants that were now coming from South East Europe and South East Asia. Asians checked in at Angel island next to Sanfransico.

The changes in social life from the 1800s to the 1900s were very significant. Women and African Americans were now given equal rights which gave them a higher social status. Also, the immigrants that came in were adding more culture to our melting pot of Americans. The entire interaction of people and where they could place themsleves had been leveled. Now, whether you are male or female, black or white you have the same rights in this country. Today, my mom can vote because of this change and she has the same rights as any man out there. That is what I call significant.

Equal Rights


In the 1800s there was Graft (corruption), which ment there was a lot of bribery and corruption in the government. At the time, Tammany hall, a corrupt political machine, controlled NYC. The corrupt leader of Tammany Hall was Boss Tweed. Boss Tweed controlled the city's mayor, orchestrated elections, and rewarded his supporters. He gained a lot of wealth through his theiving, scandaling ways. Society was turned upside down. Not only did theives thrive, but police and fire departments allowed them and made sure they got their share. The 1800s was an era of scandalized politics.

The 20th century was an era of Progressivism, which was the movement that emerged in response to the pressures of industialization and urbanization that promoted reforms to bring social justice. The new president, Teddy Roosevelt, was a member of the Republic party who belived in Progressivism. Roosevelt helped make society more efficent. The Progressive Movement of the 19th century was America's response the pressures of idustrialization and urbanization. It promoted social justice. The government worked to premote topics like women’s suffrage, social welfare, prison reform, prohibition, and civil liberties. The government represented the people better and made decisions that activily attributed to the majority, rather than the minority.

The shift in politics from the 19th century to the 20th century remains important to history and to present day society. America has learned that corruption in politics is very bad to the health of society and will most likely not repeat itself. In addition, progressivism is still in action today. The current president, Barakck Obama is a Progressive. This means that the people in charge favor progress toward better conditions in government and society. Progressivism brought power to the people and social justice. The people were sick of the injustice in politics and wanted a say in how our country ran itself. Today, the people have power because of the progressive movement of the 1900s.


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