18 National Standards

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18 National Standards

A perennial stream is a river that has a continuous flow in certain parts of its stream all year around from rain, yet also includes groundwater.

Population GeographySome patterns I see are how certain races are all clustered together across Arizona. It is not a completely mixed, there are obvious groups that all live in certain places with mainly all of their own race. This could have to do with income or ability of jobs and price of living.

18 National StandardsBy, Cristina Tuzzolino

Ephemeral washes occur after major rain storms. The flow of groundwater sinks to ground level eventually.

The borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico is a formal region, which have official boundaries, so regardless of a fence (the border) it does not mean they are in different regions.

This map states the names of the states that are along the borderlands of U.S./Mexico.

Mental Map of a trip from the bottom of Texas across the Anzalduas International Bridge into Mexico.(Drawn by Cristina Tuzzolino.)

Physical characteristics Climate: All five of these places meet in one place causes climate changes just from the locations overlapping.

The more facts you learn that are not all so negative it helps you understand that crossing the border and the stereotypes about borderlands are harsh and there needs to be a little lighter way to go about these situations.

Ecoregion: Navajo Mountain - N 37.02668 W 110.88501

Geographic patterns: people, places, and environments begins by points, lines, areas, and volumes to help break down the components of spatial organization. As well as the concepts of location, distance, direction, density, and arrangement that all help us understand these maps.

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Food: I love authentic Mexican food and this is a delicious restaurant that gives you the vibe you are closer to Mexico than you are.

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"San Felipe spring feeds a network of canals" that is seen in South Texas which in inviting the "establishment of Italian vineyards". This is a network coming from a small town in Mexico can bring a positive network system for the U.S. for agriculture.

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The settlers had to keep migrating across Arizona before and after the next battle, unless the won and there was no need to move elsewhere.

Tavan Elementary School: Personal cars for transportation as well as transit bus stops all along the road above the school. The high school, Arcadia High, is north of the school and there are baseball fields, a track, football field, and pool that can be used recreationally with permission or not during high school practices.

Humans have put in an abundant amount of solar panels across this area. Solar panels are amazing resources to save energy by using the perpetual resource which is the sun! Solar energy is becoming a "greater source for powering our homes and businesses with solar panels that generate electricity".

The basic dangers during Monsoon seasons can vary more than one usually thinks. Some dangers can include lightening, straight-line winds, dust storms, flash floods, tornadoes, hail, and excessive heat!

1. The artificial wall-border has modified certain areas of specific monuments such as canyons and international parks. 2. Sprawls are all around urban life stopping it from spreading. Yet the damage or urban lifestyles have decreased the rural land and nature. 3. A highway that is not only in this screen shot, it goes long and far in distance which means there is a lot of land that has been destroyed to make these roads for peoples to drive on.

U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Energy Cooperation: The recently signed Trans-boundary Hydrocarbons Agreement states how we will now know what to do with the "potential oil reserves along the dividing line". Oil rights will be complete for the areas of U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. Which has opens doors to "new modes of cooperation between Pemex and private oil companies."

Tucson, Arizona: T public lands within Tucson have excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. For example, world re-owned birding along the San Pedro River. Being able to go to these outdoor recreations is important so you can be full rounded with was is around you.

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Human characteristics Development: Having family that live in San Diego and I would never think to see a large concrete wall separating the borders from where they are from.

Source: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/05/us-mexican-border/cook-jenshel-photography

Source: https://vertigo.revues.org/1883

My cultural background is based on a semi-traditional Catholic-Christian religion and I was raised in a small town in Southern California with my mom, dad, & 2 younger siblings. We are half Italian & love family traditions.

Source: http://www2.census.gov/geo/maps/special/profile2k/AZ_2K_Profile.pdf

Clothing: I think this photo seeks for a message because the people/children are all dressed in Mexican traditional clothing with the American flag waving behind them. Symbolic; seeking to come together as one regardless of each others culture.

Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/susies-mexican-cafe-tempe?select=6SLS73kihW9zI6Wp0BVQlg

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